Digital Marketing is an incredibly powerful way to grow your business and to drive revenue in 2021. But, if you’re new to digital marketing, it can also be quite overwhelming. There’s so many different marketing channels, tactics, and strategies.

What I want to do here is get everybody on the same page and give you a high-level overview of how to grow YOUR business with digital marketing, really demystify it for you and give you that hype to bring your business to the next level.

The first thing you need to know about digital marketing is that it’s a process and the first step in that process is to define a target audience. The marketing channels like Facebook and YouTube are so big and noisy. You need to be really clear about who you’re going after. Not only their age and gender, and maybe where they live, but also what are the problems that they have.

How is your solution going to be better or different than the competition? And also, what difference? Is that solution going to make their lives in terms of how those your life going to be better? You need to be able to paint a really clear picture for them.

And that’s so important to be clear of right from the start because that’s what you’re going to be using in your marketing messages, videos, and post to really capture their attention.

So, that’s the first step. Very important to do as an exercise before you even jump into the different market channels.

The next step in the process is to track that target audience with free content and ads and you really want to go on to the platforms that your target audience are already using. And that could be the search engine with Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, or whatever.

And in terms of how you attract them with free content, well these 3 types of content that you can really make,

  1. How-to type educational content could be how-to articles that you post and to appear on Google, or it could be educationalist style. For example, if there is an eCommerce store that I know that selling women’s hair extensions and they create videos like how to do a French braid and everybody who searches for that finds their videos and then maybe will buy their product which is a hair extension.
  2. More a kind of brand storytelling, maybe customer success stories, testimonials, that type of thing.
  3. Entertainment’s style content. You could see a lot of on YouTube. People building up an audience with entertainment type stuff and then sending them back to their merchandise store. Or you see a lot on say Instagram, where influencers build up an audience, kind of entertaining content and sell affiliate products are promoted for the products.

Well, you can also attract your target audience not only with free content but also with Ads, and all of the Platforms mention before (Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin) have an Ad platform built-in.

Now once you’ve attracted your target audience the next step is to really make sales and you want to drive that audience back from those platforms to your website or your offline store.

Many businesses will have an intermediary step between these two steps and that could be to build an email list if you want to win the trust of the customer first before asking for sale, or maybe don’t have a product yet and you just want to build up an audience.

We can really just drive them to sign-up your email lists, or you can also use retargeting to really get people who came to your website and retarget them back onto your website.

The final step in the process is really to measure and optimize, and you can do this for free with Google Analytics. And really this is just to make the whole process better and better.

So, if you know that a lot of people are coming to your site from YouTube and they’re buying stuff, well you can see that in Google Analytics and then you can put more free content or ads on that channel to really drive more sales. But, so important that you’re measuring what you’re doing because that’s the only way that you know what’s working, so that you can do more of it.

I hope that this was helpful in demystifying digital marketing and hopefully this clarified things for you if you’re an absolute beginner. We’re going into all of these steps. I do want you to keep in mind, if you start to get overwhelmed and a bit confused just come back to the high level view. It’s actually very simple at a high level what we are trying to achieve and how to grow YOUR business with Digital Marketing.

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